Give Them A Smile – volunteer profile at New Cornerstone Pantry

Today I visited New Cornerstone Food Pantry to see firsthand the great work the volunteers are doing there to serve the community. I met an enthusiastic and committed group of individuals who take their role at the pantry seriously.

Pantry administrator Florence Wrenthrope told me, "I have a dedicated team - it's because of them that we do what we do. They're committed and loyal to this program."

"We have a saying on how to treat people," Wrenthrope says. "You never know what they're going through, so we try hard to give them a smile."

Recently, New Cornerstone began providing a monthly hot meal to their clients, offering a simple meal like cornbread and beans, chili or hot dogs. Wrenthrope says this is their way of ensuring that the people are getting at least one hot meal.

During one of their hot meals, a woman and a young girl came in.

"The little girl said, 'grandma, do I get some food?'" Wrenthrope recalls. "The grandmother told her she could share hers. The little girl said, 'I'm so hungry, I don't want to share with you.'"

The volunteers saw this encounter and made sure to send the pair home with extra food. Moments like this are what make all the hard work worthwhile, Holmes says.